Monday, March 10, 2008

Continued: Sibel Edmonds, Narco-Terror, 9/11

This is a continuation of "Sibel Edmonds, Narco-Terror, 9/11".

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed--and How to Stop It, Page 66:

"According to U.S. intelligence sources, when Mohammad Atta failed to obtain a $1.1 million loan from the U.S. government with which to acquire cropdusters, [Sami] al-Arian and a coconspirator incorporated the Florida Baraka Exchange. This financial entity, which collapsed after September 11, apparently served to funnel money to the al-Qaeda hijackers who trained in Florida."

"Alleged Terrorist Met With Bush Adviser," The Washington Post, February 22, 2003:
"[Sami al-Arian] attended a 2001 group meeting in the White House complex with President Bush's senior adviser, Karl Rove, administration officials said yesterday.

... Al-Arian and his family also were photographed with Bush during a March 2000 campaign stop near Al-Arian's suburban Tampa home. ... Al-Arian posed with Bush and his wife, Laura, at the Florida Strawberry Festival on March 12, 2000, a moment captured in an Al-Arian family photo."
George W. Bush with Sami al-Arian and family

"Loftus refiles lawsuit," The Oracle, July 8, 2002:
"[Former DOJ prosecutor John] Loftus said [Sami] Al-Arian is protected by the Saudi Arabian government... Loftus said the United States government has deep connections to Saudi Arabia, and, thus, protects Al-Arian. ... "It is a matter of record that an organization known as the Baraka group laundered the money to the skyjackers of Sept. 11. Sami Al-Arian incorporated Baraka in the state of Florida, which was dissolved on Sept. 28, 2001," Loftus said. ..."
Congressional testimony of Richard Clarke, October 22, 2003:
"[Soliman] Biheiri was the President and founder of BMI, Inc... BMI allegedly received a $500,000 investment from Baraka Group. ... Biheiri’s computer reportedly contained contact information for Sami al-Arian, the indicted North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad."
"The U.S. Provides Details of Terror-Financing Web," The Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2003:
"Investors in BMI ... included Saudi businessman Yassin Qadi... Prosecutors identified a third BMI investor as Abdullah Awad bin Laden... He is a nephew of Osama bin Laden...

... [Al-Qadi] was also a major investor in
Ptech, a Boston computer firm that Mr. Biheiri helped start..."
"Perilous Power Play," National Review, May 27, 2003:
"Even after the September 11 attacks, the FBI failed to pursue obvious terrorist financing leads. In a hugely embarrassing moment, the FBI failed to do anything about Ptech, Inc., a company whose prime investor was a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity, Saudi Yassin al-Qadi.

... The FBI ignored the repeated requests of concerned employees. Frighteningly, when an employee told the President of Ptech he felt he had to contact the FBI regarding Qadi's involvement in the company, the president allegedly told him not to worry because Yaqub Mirza, who was on the board of directors of the company and was himself a target of a terrorist financing raid in March 2002, had contacts high within the FBI."

"Trails Lead to Saudis," National Review, March 21, 2003:
"In March 2002, Federal terrorism investigators descended upon a group of Saudi-backed executives operating out of northern Virginia. The government hauled away truckloads of files and computer hard drives from the "SAAR Network," a web of dozens of related companies with interlocking officers, directors, and corporate headquarters. ... At the center is SAAR Executive Yaqub Mirza. ...investigators are revisiting the financial activities of two SAAR affiliated Islamic charities, the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), and its sister organization Sana-Bell, Inc.

Red flags have been raised by the fact that Sana-Bell's Washington, D.C. branch was founded by two known al Qaeda financiers, Saleh Kamel (CEO of the Dallah al-Baraka Group) and Ibrahim Afandi. Yaqub Mirza is also listed as a founding trustee.

Kamel and Afandi are members of the Golden Chain, a group of wealthy Gulf patrons that donated millions of dollars to Osama bin Laden. ...
The Golden Chain was established at the time of al Qaeda's formation in 1988; Sana-Bell's DC branch was organized only months later."